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About Puppy PhD.

What our Customers Say

My kids and I took our 5 month old puppy to learn some basics and we are coming back for the intermediate class. Liz is very patient and thorough!
Liz helped my kids learn to train our dog so that he wouldn't nip them anymore! 
I can't say thank you enough! She was so encouraging and patient. My dog used to be terrified of other dogs and now plays with new dogs all the time! 
Liz helped my puppy get started off right. We had never had a puppy before and she taught us everything we needed to know! 

Liz is a certified professional dog trainer who created Puppy Ph.D. to be an effective training program that helps families started off right with new dogs as well as fix problem behaviors. 


All of her classes are offered online in an easy-to-use format or in person in Durango, Colorado. 


Her passions are working with kids and families as well as service and therapy dogs. She loves to continue her education by taking new classes and staying up to date on the most effective science-based dog training methods.


Liz is also one of the most sought-after poodle breeders in Colorado. In addition to dog training, she also offers breeder consultation. 


When she's not training dogs, she enjoys being outside hiking, running, and biking with her poodles. 



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