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Setting kids and dogs up for success! 

One of our passions is to promote positive family relationships with dogs! Here, parents and kids learn some of the best ways to interact with dogs and get some questions answered about issues that might come up with puppies. We want to teach you the best way to facilitate a positive life-long relationship of mutual respect between your child and your dog. 

R.eady for puppy - prepare kids for a new dog by teaching them the best ways to interact with the dogs.


E.ating - provide complete separation between kids and dogs when the dog is eating as well as when the kids are eating.


S.upervision - 100 percent supervision between kids and dogs. An accident can happen in a heartbeat! Don't ever leave a young child alone with a dog. 


P.etting - remind kids to pet their dog from collar to butt, and no hugs, kisses, or laying on the dog! 


E.nergy - encourage kids to have a calm energy around dogs! Running and screaming can either rile a puppy up or frighten them. If kids want to play with a high energy, put the puppy in the crate or practice some training away from kids. 


C.rate - use the crate to separate the dog and kids when necessary! It's important for kids to stay out of the crate or off the dog bed so that the dog knows they have a safe place to get away from kids if necessary. 


T.raining - involve kids in training their dog! 

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