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Why Clicker Training? 

Why use the clicker? Is it really better? 


Yes! And here are some of the reasons why: 


  • It's fast. Research has shown that clicker training is about 3 times faster than other training methods. 

  • It's fun! Dogs love being trained with the clicker. Watch any dog during a clicker training session and he's wagging his tail the entire time. 

  • It's accurate. Your dog always knows what he did right, exactly when he did it. That allows you to accurately communicate the information he needs in a way he can understand. This also allows you to teach your dog more precise behaviors. 

  • It's positive. With clicker training, your dog never needs to fear doing the wrong thing and will instead focus on trying new things until he figures out what you want. 

  • Dogs work HARD for that click! Dogs who are clicker trained will focus longer than dogs trained using other methods. 

  • It lasts. Dogs trained with the clicker will remember the skills they learned years later, even without any practice. 


Wow! Sounds pretty great, right? So how does it work? 


Easy! When your dog does the right thing, you click. After you click, your dog gets a treat. That's the important thing to remember - your dog always gets a treat for a click (even if you clicked by accident!) 

For example, if you were teaching a puppy to sit, the second their bottom hits the floor you would click and treat It's so simple!

At Puppy Ph.D. we believe in the clicker! Science shows that clicker training is the most effective way to train animals, and our practice has shown us over and over again how well it works. 

With the clicker, the need for forceful training is eliminated. We teach dogs what we DO want and they work hard to please us. 

If you're interested in learning more about the clicker, try out one of our classes! Click here for online classes, and here for live classes in Durango, Colorado! 

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