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This is Keeper! She is here to answer all of your questions about dogs and what they like! If you have a question that isn't answered on this page, send us a message on the contact page and Keeper will answer your question! After you read the questions and answers, take our doggie expert quiz at the bottom of the page! 

Question: How do dogs like to be petted? 

Keeper says: I love to be petted from my collar down to my butt! I also really like to be scratched on my chest. My friends and I don't really like to be petted on our faces, heads, tails, or feet! 


Question: Why do you jump on me? How can I get you stop? 

Keeper says: Because I'm SO excited to see you! I love you very much! If you want me to stop, just stand up, cross your arms, and ignore me until I stop. It won't take long for me to figure out that I get more love with all four feet on the floor! 


Question: Why do you nip at my hands? How can I get you to stop? 

Keeper says: Because when I was little, I played with my brothers and sisters that way. I need to learn that people don't like to play that way! Try giving me a bone to chew on instead of your fingers. If I won't stop, stand up and walk away. If I try to pull on your clothes, get your mom or dad to give me a little break! 


Question: Do you want to be with me all the time, or are there times you want to be left alone? 

Keeper says: I love to play with you, but there are times I like to be left alone! I like to be alone when I'm eating, when I'm sleeping, and when I'm playing with a toy and didn't ask you to play! 


Question: Why do you steal my toys and clothes and run away with them? 

Keeper says: Because it's fun! Sometimes when I steal things and run, you guys chase me and that's a super-fun game! If you want me to stop, get your mom or dad to bring treats to trade for whatever I stole. Kids should only be givers of love and treats to dogs, never takers! 


Question: What kinds of games do you like? 

Keeper says: I love to play hide and go seek and fetch. I also love to be trained with treats! 


Question: Do you like hugs and kisses? Do you like to be used for a pillow? 

Keeper says: No way! Dogs are different than kids. If you want to give me a kiss, I love it when you kiss your hand and wipe it on my back! Also, dogs don't really like to be laid on. We like to sit next to you and have our back or chest petted! 


Question: Do you like to dress up in costumes? 

Keeper says: Sometimes, but only if mom and dad help! 

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