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Ever wonder what your dog is saying to you? Now you can find out! Check out this page so you know what he's talking about! 


Lip licking: Dogs lick their lips when they are nervous (obviously this doesn't apply when you're pouring out a bowl of food for them!) but it's pretty clear when they are licking their lips but no food is around. 


Yawning: With the exception of first thing in the morning, a dog yawning means they're uncomfortable. 


Panting: Is the temperature nice and cool but your dog is panting? Are there other dogs around but yours is the only one panting? Chances are, they're feeling anxious. 


Looking up at you so you can see the whites of their eyes: We call this "whale eye." It's a very clear signal of an uncomfortable dog. 



Doggie Decoder

Stress signals everyone should know! 
If you see your dog doing the things below, stop what you're doing right away. They're stressed! 
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