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Too cold for outdoor exercise? Try these activities at home!

It's winter! Time for snow, cold, and indoor activities! Sometimes the weather is just too nasty for long walks or hikes, and you need to find a way to help your dog get some of their energy out. Try these activities for some fun indoor entertainment with your pup!

Treat Puzzle:

Tennis balls in a muffin pan: Put 12 tennis balls in a muffin pan and place a treat under each one. Put it on the floor and let your dog figure out how to get the treats out!

The Kong:

The Kong is one of the most popular dog toys, and with good reason! It’s a fun, long-lasting reward for your dog anytime, but when you can't get outside, it's a great distraction for your pup. The most important thing is how you fill it! Start with a little canned food or peanut butter pushed all the way down to the bottom. Next, put in some kibble mixed with treats. Fill the top with more canned food, peanut butter, or cream cheese. Put the Kong in the freezer for a few hours, and it will last your pup even longer!

Find the treat:

Start with 3 plastic bowls turned upside down. Place a treat under one of the bowls and wait for your dog to get the treat out. Practice this until your dog learns that they are searching under the bowls to find the one with the treat. Now start slowly spreading the bowls apart so that your dog has to move further and further to check under the bowls for the treat. It won’t be long before your dog will search and entire room to find the treat under the bowl, and this really wears out their brain! If they’re having trouble finding the treats, try leading them around the room to each bowl on a leash.

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